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hr generalist: Job letter # cv13995

Drives talent acquisition initiatives for non-exempt positions. Utilizes applicant tracking system, online job boards, cold-calling plus networking to recruit attract talent to the organization. Manages coordinates hourly performance review process. Partner with managers to make sure compensation performance plans are aligned. Manages coordinates hourly employee succession planning including gap analysis, career development planning, and also performance differentiation. Administers as well as manages all company benefits leave programs including medical, dental, 401k, pension, fmla, std/ltd, unemployment, workers compensation. Creates a culture of employee engagement as well as satisfaction through progressive creative initiatives. Maintains current understanding of new/existing laws/regulations that affect the human resources profession relays that information to management. Attends employee, manager, and also staff meetings to make sure proper communication understanding of business operations. Develop as well as maintain compliance programs like eeo aap required skills. Establish as well as build relationships with line management, providing feedback suggestions for improvements. Handle confidential information responsibly manage multiple priorities simultaneously.

christmas tree grader: Job letter # job201265

Grades tags trees in sorting yard of Christmas tree farm. Gauges height of tree, using marked increments on conveyor belt. Turns tree, examines limbs & foliage for color growth pattern and additionally determines grade according to standards chart. Staples color-coded grade tags to tree limbs, using hand stapler..

christmas tree farm worker: Job letter # job201264

Plants, cultivates, and also harvests evergreen trees on Christmas-tree farm. Removes brush, ferns plus other growth from planting area, using mattock brush-hook. Plants seedlings, using mattock or dibble [Tree Planter (forestry)]. Scatters fertilizer pellets over planted areas by hand. Shears tops as well as limb tips from trees, using machete pruning shears, to control growth, increase limb density, and also improve shape. Selects trees for cutting according to markings or size, specie, and also grade, and also fells trees, using ax or chain saw. Drags cut trees from cutting area, and also loads trees onto trucks. May be designated according to seasonal task performed..

washroom operator: Job letter # job400773

Tends beet washing equipment elevators that clean sugar beets preparatory to slicing. Starts elevators washing equipment plus turns valves to regulate water flow through washing vat. Signals Flumer (sugar conf.) I to adjust flow of beets in flume, using telephone. Turns valves to drain water from washing vat. Cleans debris from vat, using water hose..

washroom attendant: Job letter # job200790

Serves patrons of lavatories in store, public building, hotel, or similar establishment by providing soap towels, brushing patrons clothing, shining shoes, sewing on loose buttons, and also performing related services. Replenishes rest room supplies. May scrub lavatory, floors, walls, mirrors and additionally fixtures, using brushes, detergent and additionally water. May administer first aid to ill or injured patrons..

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